Young Scientists

Mood of the day: “Young Scientists” Competition Back to school with an amazing competition for four educational STEM & robotics programs, from September 1st to the 15th & the journey for young scientists begins at RIVER WEST!

Back to base, at the brightest shopping mall featuring an exclusive opening roof for an open air feeling and safe strolling.

This September we return to school with smiles, optimism and the incredible competition "Young Scientists"! More specifically, from the 1st to the 15th of September, the visitors of RIVER WEST will be able to participate in a lottery to win one annual and three 2- month subscriptions to the educational programs of Robotics & Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM!

Visitors that will come to RIVER WEST during the first two weeks of September will encounter an impressive science laboratory in the central square of the mall. There, between the test tubes and the molecules, will be a -simple- mathematical problem. Those who wish to participate in the competition will have to solve the problem, discover the missing number, fill it in on one of the coupons they will locate in the laboratory form and throw it at the ballot box. Immediately after the end of the competition, the coupons will be drawn and the winners will be announced!

The first lucky winner of the draw will win a subscription to the STEM Robotics & Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics training program, for an entire year! The next three winners will each win a two-month subscription!

Join us in welcoming the new season with optimism, a good mood and an amazing competition for “Young Scientists” and you may be one on the winners in this learning and entertainment journey that starts at RIVER WEST!

At the same time everyone can enjoy their outing and shopping at the shopping mall with the best “open air” feeling, as its opening rooftop remains open during the day unless weather conditions don’t allow it.

In the mood for science? Back to school competition “Young Scientists” at RIVER WEST

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3ος Νικητής: Χριστόφορος Κυριάκος- 1 διμηνιαία συνδρομή

4ος Νικητής: Γιάννης Γούλης-1 διμηνιαία συνδρομή