Supporting sports, loving water!

RIVER WEST is the proud sponsor of Harris Troiannos, the young kayak athlete with an amazing track record in Greece and abroad.

RIVER WEST, as of May 2019, is the official sponsor of Harris Troiannos, the upcoming Greek kayak athlete. With an amazing track record of performance in Greece and abroad, dedication to his goal and love for his sport, Harris managed to score first place in the 20th Panhellenic Kayak Slalom Championship, not only in the category of teens, which is his category, but also in the individual male one. At the same time, he was selected by the World Federation's Talent Program for 2019.

Harris, along with his love for kayaking, has recognized the importance of water safety from a very young age, a fact which led him to complete a maritime survival training. Within this frame RIVER WEST in collaboration with Safe Water Sports is organizing an informative event from 12th to 14th of July, aiming at educating the public about the issue of safety at sea in the most entertaining way. Harris will be "lending" his kayak to the event to represent him as he will be competing abroad. Water activities and sports are always fun but should be done with caution. Safety at sea makes a good summer… even better!

RIVER WEST: Supporting sports, loving water!