Christmas Forest

& a magical fairytale begins
December 13th to 31st fairies, elves, stilt performers, musicians and of course Santa, set the Christmas mood at RIVER WEST

From Friday December 13th up to New Year’s Eve, an entire magical forest comes to life at RIVER WEST, and anything can happen! Whimsical routes through the trees reveal wonders and the Christmas magic comes to live for believers of all ages!
Among lit up trees and through the coble stone path, visitors of RIVER WEST will discover Santa Claus’s Post Office. On wooden tables and tree trunks, children write letters in parchment addressed to their beloved saint, while Postmen-Elves are there to help children place their letters into the magic mailbox. Young visitors then take the path to reach the Magic Workshop, where the wish fairy welcomes them for some creative ornament crafts. Leaving the forest fairies in the woods, the path leads to the impressive Santa sledge. There the favorite saint of kids of all ages welcomes them for photos and Christmas wishes. Meanwhile, jugglers, stilters and a “different” Christmas ball will be rolling around the mall sharing moments of fun to all visitors, while the RIVER WEST music band will perform enchanting Christmas tunes.
The Christmas spirit comes to life this year at RIVER WEST through a lighted Magical Forest, along with fairies, elves, stilters and musicians, and everyone is invited to enjoy the holiday spirit from December 13th to the 31st.
Below is the events schedule:
Activities timetable
13/12 & 16-20/12 17.00-21.00
14-15/12 & 21-30/12 12.00-20.00
31/12 11.00-15.00
Santa Timetable
14/12 12.00-20.00
15/12 12.00-16.00
20/12 17.00-21.00
21-30/12 12.00-20.00
31/12 11.00-15.00