RIVER WEST, the liveliest shopping mall, revives the tradition of the carnival, hosting singers, a carousel and story tellers, promising visitors the best time of the year!

RIVER WEST revives the carnival customs on Saturday 18 and 25 of February with performances, fairy tales, games, masquerades and traditional songs!

On Saturday 18 February, the Maypole will be set on the first floor of River West for two performances. Children will find out about the history of the carousel on earth through a theatrical play in which the essence of the carnival will be revealed. In addition to this, our young friends and visitors will have the chance to dance at the Maypole, put on animal costumes, while at the same time experienced actors will help children revive the traditional song “let’s marry the crab”, through play.

On Saturday 25 February, from 12.00 to 14.00, the Thanasis Kindinis’s group of singers “Morfes Ekfrasis” will give two performances of the show “Karnavalistes”, a festive and fun trip into festive Carnival sounds, with a live band and choir!

Also, a group of singers will sing and perform live traditional carnival songs like “O Barba Yiannis”, and “Apopse tin kithara mou”, bringing joy to all visitors, both children and adults.

This year, River West invites you to a Carnival journey full of fun, smiles and happiness!

Enjoy the ride!