EDWARD Jeans: the brand created in the 1990s, has grown into an international brand due to the significant assistance from our partners in retail sale and the loving support of our customers. The company was conceived by the following idea: to create a modern look that combines denim and fashion.
Starting as a small local company it evolved into a lifestyle denim brand. The company has established a high position in the Greek market through the continuous improvement of its infrastructure, the productivity growth combined with the computerization and upgrading of its products and services.
The EDWARD Jeans collections comprise “youth inspired” appearances for men and women combining fashion with timeless quality. Paying great attention to our customers, we know that impeccable quality is essential. That’s why our philosophy is based on the highest standards when it comes to quality, materials and craftsmanship. Our creations stand out for their perfect fit and elegant design. Using high quality contemporary materials, we design the jeans of the new generation that will inspire and improve every man’s and woman’s style.
In Greece, EDWARD Jeans has retail stores in Athens and Thessaloniki. All our stores are designed in such a way that the customer can enjoy the experience of a pleasant shopping environment. The dynamic atmosphere and the friendly and well trained staff is our number one priority when it comes to promoting our products.
Phone: 210 5440333
Website: www.edward.gr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EDWARDJeans
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